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What was the "key" to the riddle in "Dead Moon Awakens"?

   In Book 1 of the Mystic Gates teen fantasy series, Dead Moon Awakens, readers followed the main characters, Aishling, Lance, Morrigan and Kelile, as they discovered the Mystic East Gate riddle. Though not known to our main characters yet, this riddle was extracted from The Book of Gates. However, before this grimoire (click << MORE >>

My great, great, Cherokee grandmother

While working on the Mystic Gates series, I often think of my great, great grandmother - we called her Ma Keck. And, yes, I knew her! She lived to be 93 years old. I remember visiting her at her farm in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. (On land allotted to her from the Cherokee Nation. Land that is still in the family. << MORE >> of four fire festivals along the Wheel of the Year

    Imbolc was this past Sunday, February 2, in the Northern Hemisphere. (In the Southern Hemisphere, Imbolc falls at the end of July/beginning of August.) Now is the time when winter begins to wane and light slowly builds more into each day. (I know, for many of us, it doesn't feel like winter is waning!) But, spring is still crawling forward. I have many bulbs already breaking ground, and some of our surrounding trees ... << MORE >>

Ogham Tree Alphabet - Druid Symbol Magic or Not?

    Is there such a thing as symbol magic? In Book One, Dead Moon Awakens, a symbol from the Ogham (O-ham) Tree Alphabet is introduced. As explained here in the Mystic Gates Glossary and Pronunciation Guide, the symbols in the Ogham Tree Alphabet encapsulate the essence and energy

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Can the magic of poetry help heal a spirit?

    Yes! At least in my way of looking at the world. Ive been pushing myself to do a much needed blog post, but Ive been wiped out from steadily working on updating my websiteyet again!, revising Dead Moon Awakens and downloading it to Amazon and Smashwordsyet again!, marketing my book

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Myths, Magicks, and Lore of the Mystic Gates

This is just a quick post to add the new category - Aishling's World. I'll be blogging about the myths, magicks and lore that Aishling was raised to believe in. (For example - How Aishling's mother used the Ogham Fews, or how they celebrated Beltane, Samhain, and other festivals in the Wheel of the Year, and more.) Additionally, I am adding one more new category - Heal the Wild Places. In this category I'll be blogging about ways to heal and harmonize with Mother Earth. (For example - Activities for connecting to the natural world in your own neighborhood, or healing your immediate environment, and more.)

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Book Chat - "Rootless" by Chris Howard and Coupon!

I just finished reading "Rootless" by Chris Howard. (I know, I was supposed to do "The Raven Boys" by Maggie Stiefvater next, but I received both books at the same time and read "Rootless" first.)

Chris Howard places you into his main character's harsh, destitute world quickly and soundly, and doesn't let you leave until the last page - even then, it's difficult to cut yourself loose. I agonized over some of the scenes, sitting on the edge of my couch hoping for the best for several of the characters in this novel, especially his main character, Banyan. (I don't want to give anything away, so that's all I can say.)

From a writer's point of view, I thought Chris Howard delivered a great first person of his main character. I never left Banyan's head, and there were time's when I wished I could have - when I didn't want to experience what he was experiencing or see what he was seeing.

Okay, on to other reads.    
And, whatever you are reading — happy, happy reading!

"Dead Moon Awakens" Book Cover

    Certain her mother isn't dead, the daughter of a Celtic witch runs away from a children's home to find her and collides with an awakened Cherokee myth.

    Above is the cover and a one sentence description for Dead Moon Awakens, book one of the magical realism series, Mystic Gates. Let me know what you think. For a free preview and more information, check out my website under the "Mystic Gates" tab. Hope everyone is happy and well!

"Dead Moon Awakens, Book 1" launching soon!

    Dead Moon Awakens, Book 1 of my young adult, magical realism series, Mystic Gates, is launching June 4th! Please check out my website under the "Mystic Gates" tab for a book description and the complete preview.
    I wish the best to all my readers. Thank you for being patient with me!


"Shadow and Bone" - Book Chat

        It's such an accomplishment when a writer envisions and creates a new world, writes an enticing story that takes place in their world, and does it in such a manner as to convince the reader this new world exists! Leigh Bardugo achieves this in her book, Shadow and Bone, book one of the Grisha Trilogy. Her descriptions are so detailed and convincing, I could "see" the world her story unfolds in.

        Here are my one word expressions about the book:  imaginative, unpredictable, and encompassing.

        Also, there were times I didn't know who the villain was, or who to trust. The author was great at making all the characters seem good and bad. I can't wait for book two, Siege and Storm! (It will be released on June 4th.)

        Okay, your turn. What did you think about the Grisha world?

        In our next book chat, we'll talk about The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater.


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